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Please note that most of our tours have two guides to cater for your fitness level. These ratings are a gauge only,  please call us to chat if you would like a detailed description of the kinds of activity and terrain you might expect on a particular tour if you have concerns.

1+ Icon.png

Suitable for most fitness levels. Need to be mobile enough to get in and out of a high vehicle, carry own bags and walk without assistance.

Molesworth Tour Fitness Level Required 2+/5

Suitable for people with some fitness. You need to be able to walk for an hour on flat or gentle slopes, able to climb over a style.

3+ Icon.png

Suitable for people with moderate fitness. You can do all of the above and enjoy 1-2 hour hikes and can walk moderately sloped hillsides.

4+ Icon.png

Suitable for people with good fitness and agility. You are familiar with day walks and can walk steep hills comfortably.

5 5 Icon.png

Suitable for people with a high level of fitness. Not a level we use on our tours.