From high country stations to the outer Marlborough Sounds and Chatham Islands, Driftwood Eco-Tours specialises in small group, multi-day, eco tours for nature lovers.

Journey with us into some of New Zealand’s most beautiful but remote places. 

Our inclusive South Island tours are suitable for anyone with a sense of adventure, and a love of nature and heritage. By 4wd vehicle, you will be guided into locations of rugged, untamed beauty. Meet the fascinating people who chose to live in this splendid isolation and hear their stories. There is always time for you to have a cuppa, and stop along the way to take photos. Your two engaging guides are there to help you at any time. Our groups size is 8-12.

In the evenings, share your stories over a glass of wine and great cuisine, with the opportunity of new and lasting friendships.  

"There are no strangers on our tours, just friends you are yet to meet."
Port Ligar tour in the Marlborough Sounds

Meet new friends, try new things 



From the rugged coastlines and sweeping views of D’Urville Island in the Marlborough Sounds, to a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the remote Chatham Islands, Driftwood Eco-Tours’ multi-day island experiences are full of history, stories and unforgettable landscapes.

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Explore the vast, historic high country stations of Marlborough with our Molesworth vehicle tour, experience farm life on isolated Muzzle Station in Kaikōura, or witness the iconic, unique biennial wild horse sale at St James Station.



Visit the unique outer Marlborough Sounds farm of Port Ligar for a walking tour of the surrounding area, taking in the local history, stories, flora and wildlife.

Or join a A 4x4 trek over east coast farms and discover the Cape Campbell light house and other historic and geological landmarks of significance.

Driftwood EcoTours Coastal Tours to Port Ligar, D'Urville Island & Marlborough Sounds
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Join Rebecca Bowater, award-winning wildlife photographer and alpine flora enthusiast, on a one day tour into Black Birch mountain in Marlborough's Awatere Valley. Or on a multi day, one-of-a-kind photography and alpine flora tour on the peaks around Arthur’s Pass, Canterbury.


Based in Kaikōura, and New Zealand-owned, we have a deep knowledge and passion for the places we visit. Since 2004, we have fostered close relationships with locals, who will share their experience of farming, conservation, history, culture and their personal lives. 


To thank these rural communities, we support Westpac Life Flight Helicopter Rescue and the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust by way of an annual donation.

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We like to think that traveling with Driftwood is like joining a family. Our tours are small enough to be personal but just large enough to offer the stimulation of shared experiences and knowledge. 

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Our team of Driftwood Eco-Tours guides will support you to follow the interests that brought you here, be it history, culture, geology, wildlife, photography, or just a love for exploration and fun.

High Country Station Tours, Farm Tours, Off Road Adventures

Relationships we have built up with landowners will give you unique permission to access some of New Zealand's most intriguing places



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In everything we do, we aim to travel safely, sustainably and responsibly – that’s why we support conservation and community projects in the places we visit, and adhere to our own carefully planned sustainability policies.

"Driftwood Eco-Tours provides the means to visit a really interesting and remote part of New Zealand, D'Urville Island, in a tour led by Rose and Will, both knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides. The tour was conducted in comfort with delicious food. Driftwood's local knowledge enabled access to meet several of the islanders and gain an insight into life on the island that no casual visitor could ever experience. It was an outstanding and memorable tour and I would recommend it to anyone of any age who is interested in visiting an exotic, historic and beautiful New Zealand island." 

- Roger Hanson

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