Exciting! You’re all booked and ready to go. Whether your departure date is near or still a while a way, we’ve collected some resources to help you prepare and learn about the area you’re visiting - in order for you to make the most of it when you’re there.


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Even though most of our tours run through the spring and summer months, New Zealand can still have unpredictable weather. Therefore we suggest packing to cover all seasons!

Check out what we suggest bringing for your tour below.

Driftwood Eco Tours Port Ligar


Driftwood Eco Tours are committed to keeping everyone safe, including the people we visit, to achieve this we have put in place a Covid 19 code of practice. 

  • We require proof of vaccination upon booking.

  • We are essentially forming our own ‘bubble’ as we travel around. 

  • We have procedures for our tour vehicle cleaning and catering. 

What we ask of you:
  • You will need to carry your Covid Vaccine Passport on tour

  • Hand sanitizing is important to keep our team healthy, sanitizer is provided. 

  • Please sign into each public venue we visit, there is no need to sign into the tour vehicle. 

  • Please bring your own supply of face masks. We recommend that for the protection of all, that you bring on tour high quality masks; KN95, N95, P2

  • please let us know at once if you feel at all unwell. 



For our tour postponement policy for Covid 19, please see our terms and conditions.

For the latest up to date information please head to

Driftwood EcoTours Port Ligar


Looking for some reading before your tour?

We have compiled a reading list of books and article links related to our tours which you can download below: