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Marlborough NZ, the way the World should be

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Marlborough is an undiscovered gem in the crown of New Zealand’s splendour. Everyone has heard of Marlborough’s award winning Sauvignon Blanc, leading the World in temperate climate wine growing, but few know of its other unique attractions just waiting to be explored when you cruise into Picton.

Imagine you are looking out over the expansive, pristine beach of Rarangi at Cloudy Bay. Here is where the first Polynesians landed their waka in New Zealand at around 1320AD. Will your guide will tell you the stories of the early European whalers who settled to the North at Port Underwood, New Zealand’s whaling capital until the last harpoon was released by Joe Perano in 1964. Joe now uses his expertise in spotting the whales for conservation.

If you want to find out about New Zealand’s traditional sheep farming and merino wool, Will can take you to meet his friends Tim and Sally Wadworth. They will welcome you to their home and beautiful hill country farm, Ashworth. Their farm manager Andrew will show you how dog and man work as one to herd sheep and show you the physical feat of sheep shearing.

If nature and conservation is your interest, Will has a very special place to share with you. By special permission of the landowner you will be guided to the sacred Wairau Lagoon and Te Parinui o Whiti (White Bluffs). This is a place which is perfect for the landscape photographer or bird watcher. Will who has been guiding tour groups in the area since 2004 and has a keen interest in birds and wildlife photography will enrichen your experience. You can also learn about farming and local European history.

All the above experiences can include wine tasting and learning about the area’s viticultural industry.

Most important of all the tours are completely private, no waiting in queues and missing out on having your questions answered. Will is a real local and professional guide. You are going to have a wonderful personal experience to share when you get home. Will is very flexible and happy to cater for special interests where ever possible.

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