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Kayaking in the Wairau Lagoon

Black fronted tern

We have had some lovely kayak trips into the Wairau Lagoon. Here I had alot of fun photographing a rare black fronted tern as it washed at the edge of the sand spit. It is encourageing to hear that the Department of Conservation has had success improving the breeding numbers of this rare endemic bird at the Clarence River. This is after a pest trapping project they carried out at this remote high country braided river.


There is a kotuku visiting from South Westland residing at the Opawa River at the moment. These young birds are almost always solitary and visit places like Marlborough until the breeding season starts at Okarito. There are thought to be only around 150- 200 birds in New Zealand. Because of their rarity Maori held them in high regard and it was considered an honour to be compaired to one.

An unusual hybrid swan

Rose and I love the black swans of our river even though they are considered by some to be a pest. This junvenile hybrid swan is a sight I have never seen before. Just as mysteriously it has disappeared.

Juvenile black fronted tern

White fronted tern

Taking photos of birds in flight holds an endless challenge and fascination for me. Here I had some measure of success with a young black fronted tern and a white fronted tern. Notice the shadow on the sand below.

Returning home

If you are interested in bird watching or photography and would like to chat or come on a tour feel free to contact me at zn.oc.sruotocedoowtfirdnull@lliw


Happy nature watching – Will

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