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Redhills, Wairau Valley, Marlborough, New Zealand. The Red Hills high in the Wairau Valley is a great walk. Apart from the stunning scenery when you reach the top of the hill, there is a waterfall to discover, scree crossings and the amazing moonscape of the mineral nickle and magnesium mineral belt which gives the red hills its name. Rose and I camped overnight under the stars, drifting off to the hoot of the native morepork (owl). Tips:  Needs reasonable level of fitness.  Check with the Department of Conservation prior to departure.  Excellent hut at the top of the hill.  Check the weather fore-cast, the area is prone to sudden cloud cover.

Sawcut Chasm to isolation hut, Ure Valley, East Coast, Marlborough, New Zealand. A recent trip to the Ure Valley and Sawcut Chasm with our guests reminded me that climbing boulders is not the sport it once was when I was younger, however the crystal clear jade water overflowing over limestone boulders and the kissing faces` of the Sawcut Gorge made it all worthwhile. Tips:  Take your togs if it is a hot day, there a lovely swimming holes.  Check with Department of Conservation, if there has been rain the water levels can rise.  There are lots of river crossings and in New Zealand this means getting your feet wet.  Watch out for Pachystegia (Marlborough Rock Daisy) in December as well as other flora. Good quality hiking boots essential as there are rocks and passes to clamber over).

Essons Valley, Picton, Marlborough, New Zealand. On a hot day Essons Valley takes a lot of beating, a bit of a local secret this walk takes you through mature shady forest to dams supplying Picton township. Good for families. Tips:  Take the right hand turn at the branch, it has a nice pond you can relax by at the summit.  Look out for orchids in the branches above the track in summer.  The leaves of the Kawakawa make a delicious addition to a hot cup of tea. Ask us about our guided walks via private access. The guided walks include a homemade picnic and a commentary about the flora, fauna and history of the area. Wishing you happy and safe hiking over the coming summer.

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