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French Pass and d’Urville Island tours 2017-18

View of the Pelorus Sound on the way to French Pass. The farm in the distance is Te Towaka owned by the Leov family.

Photos by Tamzin Henderson

Walking at Patuki farm at the northern reach of d’Urville Island

Blue cod are easy to catch and cooked for us at the lodge

Relaxing on the way back to the lodge after a tour

Tour guides Will and Rose Parsons

You can join us on a trip to d’Urville island! Twice a year we pack up for the island with a small group of no more than eight for a guided five day tour. You will see the rugged beauty, meet the lovely locals and of course catch the legendary and delicious blue cod. Each night you can return to the comfort of a local lodge and local hospitality.

You will hear the stories of the Island and French Pass from Will Parsons who loves to read the history of the area and his wife Rose who grew up at the French Pass and knows the area intimately.

Read more about our tours and dates of departure here

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