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D’Urville Island Odyssey day 3 of a New Zealand tour

Rangitoto island

Wow! another day on this wilderness island which I found was full of more surprises. After leaving the Community hall I headed west on my journey to Greville harbour and DOC’S new playground and campsite.

On my way stopped in the bush and heard a very unusual bird call which I recorded; it may have been Tui although it was hauntingly loud and at times quite distant. It was also nice to see wood pigeon, grey warbler, fantail and bellbird all in good numbers.

As the bush thinned out and the road became steeper I saw my 1st glimpse of Greville harbour and the swamp lands leading to the sand dunes and beach. I took off down hill; steep, fast and furious and realised my bike wasn’t up to it!!

Arrived a few minutes later and met the DOC camp manager and then off on another trip northwards to Otu. I really enjoyed this trek especially the flora of Rimu’s , Kahikatea, Nikau, jasmine and flaxes and there was a lovely scent in the air. The track was pretty rough in places as they had had alot of rain and it was very evident by slips and washouts. This adds to the adventure so I decided to walk.

Near Otu is a wetland which then drains into the bay a place of sheer beauty and a haven for wildlife especially water fowl. On my return had a look at Black Reef bay the site of a old hydro scheme for the original farm and this is where I took the photo of the outboard motor on the rocks amongst the driftwood.

Then it was onto the beach for a walk amongst the shells, driftwood, seaweed and bird prints. This is a truly beautiful spot, quite isolated, but definitely unique and a lovely spiritual feeling.

I know I shall return and if any of you out there would like me to organise a trip please contact me at Driftwood Ecotours.

I would especially like to thank Danny and Lynn Boulton of French Pass Sea safaris for giving me there time and supporting me on this venture.

Merry Xmas to you all and I do hope you have a rewarding holiday break soon, cheers Will

Info: Kopowai Bay to Patuki 58 Km Kopowai Bay to Moawhitu DoC camp (Greville Harbour) 30 Km Grade 3

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