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Alpine flora tours get local enthusiasts excited

Large flowered mat daisy

The local Alpine Flora Club are getting excited about our new flora tours. The one day tour to Marlborough’s Black Birch with respected alpine flower photographer Rebecca Bowater is already getting avid interest. Rebecca’s beautiful photos appear in “Above the Tree Line” and a newly published orchid book which we cannot wait to see!

Rebecca chose the date for the tour; the weekend before Christmas. She said that it is a good time of year for high country blooms. “There should be Myosotis drucei and Myosotis australis [white] in flower, several vegetable sheep and hopefully Notothlaspi and Ranunculus insignis”.

The second tour is over three days in the middle of January. This tour takes in the fauna and flora of the Awatere Valley, Molesworth Station and St James Conservation Area. “It is designed to be a gentle ramble, that’s why we have allowed three days, with two nights at Hanmer Springs” said Will; who will be driving and sharing his passion for this stunning area.


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